Most Of Thai Words that you NEED to know

If you come to Thailand , you should know that some Thais can’t speak English .So Lungyoonns will teach you some Thai word that you need to know.Let’s Go!

1. Sawasdee

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Sawasdee in Thai word means Hello. This is the first word that you need to learn about , It’s not too right if you say just ” Sa-Was-Dee” .If you’re man you should put “Krub” in the end of sentence ,like Sawasdee krub .If you’re woman you should say “Ka” in the end of sentence .


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The words Krub (Men) and Ka (Women) is polite word that you should say in the end of every sentence.

Example : Sawasdee krub , Kobkhun Ka


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Kobkhun is means Thank you , as my experience many foreigners may confuse between sawasdee and kobkhun.


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Chai in thai word means Yes,That’s right,Correct , You can put krub or ka in the end

Example : Chai ka


man in the middle of the road

Mai in thai word means No,Nope,None ,You can put krub or ka in the end

Example : Mai Krub


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Kortod in thai word means Sorry,Pardon,Excuse me.

Example : Kortod krub.

7.Sabye dee

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Sabye dee can means I’m Fine,Great ,but if you put Mai  in the end , it will be a question

Example : Sabye dee Mai ka?

Example : Sabye dee ka.


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This words means you’re looking good,you can use this for men and women .But if you want to tell girl that’s so beautiful you can also use Khun-Suay-Mark too.


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Hiw is means Hungry. If you’re hungry you can tell Chan-Hiw.


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Aroy is means Yum,Delicious. You can add “Mark Mark” (very much)  in the end so It’s will be Aroy-Mark-Mark (1 Mark is yum 2 mark is soooo yummm)

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